Dolce & Gabbana

The Visual Practice 1 unit, incorporated 3 different briefs; The summer brief, the non-conformist brief and the collaboration brief. 

The summer brief was given to us during the summer before we starting our final year in September. This was focussed on personal development, and reflecting on what excites and stimulates me about fashion promotion and what areas I feel need to change.

The non-conformist brief involved promoting an existing brand in a new unconventional way and push the limits. I decided to choose Mothercare and promote a new sustainable children's wear line.  


The main focus was on the collaboration brief, for this I was able to choose two brands from a list for a hypothetical collaboration.I choose Diesel and D&G. The brief required research and defining the target audience for the collaboration and developing a relevant and justified campaign for the brand collaboration. I was inspired by the non-conformist approach and Diesel's pushing the boundaries advertising for this campaign.


I decided to create 4 GIFS as part of my multi-channel campaign for a collaboration between Diesel x Dolce & Gabbana. The GIFS were made as Instagram content.

This project received a first.




Manchester Metropolitan University


October 2019